My Resume

2001 - 2005

​​​​Gordon Hesketh         

Internet and IT Experience:

From 1987 to 2004, Gordon served as IT Director at Louisiana Chemical Equipment Company (LCEC), where he was solely responsible for all aspects of computer operations in all offices, including programming and hardware maintenance.

From the day the Internet was first made public, Gordon again had sole responsibility for implementing all network and internet technology throughout the company offices in Texas and Louisiana.

When the World-wide-web became public, Gordon created and maintained the LCEC corporate website until his retirement from LCEC in 2004.

In 1996, he founded his own web hosting company to host his wife's website about their quest to find a cure for her Multiple Sclerosis. He later purchased his own Web Server and hosted website clients to pay the server costs. During these years, Gordon became a prolific writer of web content from his extensive research on the subject of health and medicine, specifically MS.

In 2000, he founded Digital Evangelism to assist churches in utilizing the internet as an effective tool for keeping church members informed and connected, and to introduce the church to prospects. Many churches purchased Digital Evangelism's Member's Community product and consulting services. The business was later sold.

In 2005, after retiring from LCEC, Gordon became an IT Consultant, increasing his client's web traffic through Google search engine. LCEC is one of his clients. In 2007, Gordon increased LCEC's web traffic from 772 visits per month to 8,000+ per month, resulting in a record year for sales.  2008 was another record year.

After traveling full-time in a motorhome for 3 years, before his travel companion and Life Partner, Maddi Underwood, passed away, Gordon now lives permanently in Florida with their dog Shadow.